CMS600P2 B-Ultrasound

• 10.1 inches TFT LCD
• Laptop device with the embedded operating system, rich in software packages.
• Be applicable for examination of the abdomen, gynecology, and obstetrics,
cardiology, small organs, and urology.
• Adopts tissue harmonic imaging (THI) technology, reports can be printed and
• Near gain, far gain, and total gain can be set separately.
• Images can be stored in the device or U-disk. Be compatible with an inkjet printer,
laser printer, and video printer.
• Optional probes: 3.5MHz convex probe, 3.5MHz micro-convex probe, 6.5MHz
transvaginal probe, 7.5MHz linear probe.
• Dimentionan: 292mm(L)x232mm(W)x45mm(H)
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Model: CMS600P2
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