Blood Lancet Device pen type

Revolutionary 26g lancets are you fed up of the pain you feel every time you prick yourself for glucose test. Are you unable to find a proper fitting lancet for your lancing pen. lancet is the ultimate solution to your problem. These universal multipurpose lancets can be used with any lancing tools. With relatively longer self-live, these sterile lancets can be stored for maximum period, enabling you to buy in bulk. Best design now say goodbye to the pain you used to encounter every time you went for test. lancets are constructed to reduce the amount of pain you feel while pricking yourself. Round makes it virtually painless to penetrate. The tip is so thin that you will hardly feel it going through your skin. Only a tiny prick is enough to draw a good amount of blood. Safe and convenient the lancets are clinically approved and safe. With twit cap and glide control system they have the most convenient design. Whether you need time for your clinic or you want the lancets for personal testing, these are simply perfect for every purpose. Our lancets are precisely effective and require comparatively very less amount of blood sample than other standard lancets.
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Size: 125mm
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