CALCIPLUS LC - Calcium Silicate Liner


  • It has a remineralization and strengthening effect on human hard tissue,
  • It releases the ions of its composition which stimulates hydroxyapatite and secondary dentin bridge fonmation the equivalent to that of natural tooth hydroxy apatite.
  • Alkaline pH promotes healing
  • It sets very hard upon light curing, and it is virtually
  • insoluble in water and oral fluids.
  • Chemically bonds to adhesives and composites
    Time-saving direct application and light-curing
    Effective protection of the pulp


  • Calciplus LC is intended for use as a direct pulp capping agent.
  • Calciplus LC is intended as an indirect pulp capping agent in deep preparations, a protective liner in large preparations, base or sealer for use:
  1. Under amalgam restorations
  2. Under Class I and Class II composite restorations
  3. Under other base materials
  4. Under cements
  5. As a base or liner under decidious
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