Dental Disposable Instruments

Disposable Dental Kit, Sterile

This sterile, disposable dental kit consists of three double-headed instruments: forceps, a probe and a dental mirror. Not only is this kit extremely economical but also hygienic. The instruments, which are packed as a sterile set, effectively prevent cross-contamination and infectious transfers. Because this dental kit comes pre-packaged, your required instruments are always readily available for use. Each instrument is double sided and equipped with either a plugger or spatula on the backside.


Product Details

  • Disposable dental kit
  • Suitable for various dental examinations and treatments
  • All instruments are made of robust plastic with functional metal heads
  • Ribbed handle for a secure grip
  • Packed as a sterile set - no preparation and sterilisation required
  • Particularly hygienic - no risk of cross-contamination or infectious transfer through poorly prepped instruments
  • Can be kept in stock
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