Disposable Impression Tray

Size: #1 Large Upper 12/pkt
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  • Top quality disposable impression trays for taking impressions at the dental office

As dentists, all of us at Healthcare Supplier understand that
providing quality care to our patients can come at a very high
and unreasonable cost. We are here to make it easier. By
providing quality products at an affordable price, Healthcare
Supplier was created with all of our fellow dentists in mind. For
many years we were faced with the challenge of purchasing dental
products from sales representatives that were not dentists and
were completely disconnected from clinical dentistry. As dentists
we understand the end result and what all of us are trying to
achieve. We take pride in all of our products and stand by them
100%. All of our products have been through years of vigorous
testing to make sure that they will go above and beyond your

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