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The SD Codefree blood glucose monitoring system contains everything you need to start testing your blood glucose levels. The glucometer is compact, easy to read and requires only a small droplet of blood for testing. Great for diabetics, pre-diabetics and those with gestational diabetes.

Why choose SD Codefree?

  • Made in South Korea to medical-grade standards
  • Highly rated internationally (with 4.3/5 stars on Amazon UK)
  • It’s convenient, simple to use and provides results in only 5 seconds
  • Has a large memory size which records the last 500 test results
  • Uses gold plated electrodes on the strips for more accurate results
  • Has affordable replacement lancets and test strips

Why choose us over the competition?

We don’t believe its right to profiteer off the medical conditions of others, and that is why we retail the spare glucose test strips and lancets at some of the lowest prices in New Zealand. In fact, our sterile lancets are currently the cheapest in NZ (at less than $8/box of 100). This is despite the fact that we are a small business with limited access to wholesale prices (unlike our competition – New Zealand pharmacies – who do have access to significant wholesale discounts and yet still charge more than us!)

What’s included in the kit?

1 x SD Codefree Meter (results are in mmol/L which is the New Zealand standard)
1 x Adjustable Lancing Device
10 x Blood Glucose Strips
10 x Lancets
1 x 3V CR2032 Battery
1 x Case
1 x Instructions
1 x Results Diary

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