Height and weight Scale

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  • ● Accurate measurement: 0.01g accuracy, 200kg weighing, 0.5cm scale, 71-190cm measurement.
  • ●The countertop silicone pad has an anti-slip design, a thickened weighing pan, integrated molding, standing without shaking, stable and safe.
  • ●Red large screen, clear readings, multiple units, switch on-demand, meet the needs of a variety of people, stainless steel instruments, increase button operation, not easy to press wrong, corrosion-resistant.
  • ●Aluminum alloy telescopic rod, clear bone, accurate measurement within the range of 71-190cm, convenient for different people to use.
  • ●Applicable scenes - family, medical institutions, school medical examination, gym, pharmacy, beauty salon, shopping mall.

★The height bar and scale are made of the best materials, large
the platform, thick material, durable, and cleverly designed assembly
system, ideal for schools and hospitals.
★The scale has professional-grade reliability, accuracy, and ease
of use. When standing, please stand barefoot on the mechanical
scale and place it on the hard and flat ground to ensure the best
measurement results.

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