HME Filter

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1. Product use:It is used for air filtration of anaesthesia machine and ventilator to prevent the respiratory infection of patients
2. Working principle:The filter medium is made of 3M Filtrete air filter medium, which is matched with suitable equipment. Through the mechanism of electrostatic attraction, the filtration efficiency of BFE bacteria and the efficiency of VFE virus filtration are reached. Widely used in anesthesia, breathing, respiratory testing, and sleep tests, effectively protecting patients and equipment from bacterial and viral infections

Installation &. Instruction 

Usage 1: Fit the breathing line to the filter inlet and connect the other end to the trachea cannula
Usage 2: The air inlet of the filter is directly arranged on the anesthesia machine or the air outlet of the ventilator, and the other end is connected with the breathing pipe
Usage 3: The methods 1 and 2 can be performed simultaneously

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