Laryngeal Mask Airway Single Use

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Due to growing concerns regarding the risk of cross infection in hospitals, Intersurgical offers the Solus single-use laryngeal mask airway ( LMA ) which is ideal for use both in anesthesia and emergency medicine.


  • Accurately aligned cuff positioning indicators
  • High quality airway connector
  • Prominently displayed cuff size (For post-insertion reference)
  • Touch-sensitive pilot balloon (For cuff pressure monitoring)
  • Integrated inflation tube (To overcome the risks of the tube becoming caught between teeth)
  • Clear airway tube (To allow for early detection of rising fluids)
  • Classic cuff shape (For optimum anatomical conformance)
  • Soft, low-friction cuff (Flexible and smooth)
  • Firm, smooth-surfaced back plate (To aid ease of insertion)
  • Pliable airway tube
  • Non-removable inks
  • Uncluttered essential information (For quick visual reference)

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