Nebulizer Mask

Size: Adult
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  • A soft and anatomical shape made by soft and odorless medical grade PVC material.
  • Specially designed nebulizer chamber for greater nebulization rate. Nebulizes approximately 3cc medicine within 10 minutes.
  • Swivel connector for patient's comfort.
  • Eco friendly, transparent, highly durable elongated soft facemask for comfortable fitment over face and long term use.
  • Integrated nose clip with an adjustable elastic strap to position the mask properly.
  • Soft, transparent, kink-resistant 2.10-meter long star lumen tubing made of medical-grade PVC to ensure a continuous flow of oxygen.
  • The proximal end of the tube is connected with a funnel shape connector for easy connection with the oxygen source.
  • Complete Kit consists of Nebulizer chamber, Nebulizer Mask, and 2.10-meter tube.

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