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Size: Paper Point 04 Size 15 Tapered
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Sterile and designed in a 4 % (0.04) and 6 % (0.06) greater taper with a 28 mm length to fit precisely prepared root canals and offer a quick drying and efficient moisture removal. PD™ Paper points are binding agent free, highly absorbent, rigid and flexible. Accurate depth measurement and insertion with length marks at 16 mm, 18 mm, 19 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm and 24 mm.



  • Uniformly rolled to extremely close tolerance
  • Guaranteed consistency in size and shape
  • Highly absorbent and sterilized by gamma-ray
  • Accurate insertion of the working length
  • White tip to monitor cleaning and drying
  • Top color coded to prevent mixing up of sizes
  • Long shelf life and freshness assured
  • Sold in easy-to-dispense drawer box in counts of 200 paper points
  • Available in refill or assortment drawer boxes


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