Plasma Reels

Size: 150mm x 70m
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A special film with characteristics of resistance and good peelability, sealed to a medical paper with high anti-bacterial protection and good quality to sterilization, are the main components of our flat reels. Raw materials are selected by us, and all the working phases, till to have the finished products, are made under our own direct control in our factory.


  • Multi sealing lines.
  • Reduces fiber peel and the risk of damage to sealing integrity while loading, stocking, and transporting.
  • Non -Polluted Printing.
  • Certified Medical Grade Paper
  • Meets EN868-5 Requirement of European Standards of sterilization
  • No Shrinkage – Retort Grade CPP Films used
  • Print with the water-based link, going as natural as we could be!

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