Size: Protaper Gold 21mm F1
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The ProTaper Gold Family

Efficient. Flexible. Brilliant

ProTaper Gold features the same simplicity, smoothly tapered shapes and predictable performance you know and trust from ProTaper Universal. Now the ProTaper legacy continues with ProTaper Gold. Developed with proprietary advanced metallurgy, ProTaper Gold rotary files deliver greater flexibility for predictable ProTaper performance that’s more brilliant than ever.

  • Developed by specialists, ProTaper Gold features a patented, progressively tapered design which serves to significantly improve cutting efficiency and safety.
  • Its convex triangular cross-section enhances cutting action while decreasing rotational friction between the blade of the file and dentin.
  • The non-cutting tip design allows each instrument to safely follow the secured portion of the canal while the small flat area on the tip enhances its ability to find its way through soft tissue and debris.

ProTaper Rotary Files

ProTaper Gold’s visibly advanced metallurgy creates a difference you can see – and feel. That’s because ProTaper Gold rotary files feature the same exact geometries as ProTaper Universal, but offer an increase in flexibility. This is especially important in the Finishing Files, when navigating challenging curves in the apical region.

You can also count on the same ProTaper efficiency and variable taper performance you know and trust in PROTAPER NEXT. It’s everything you love about the original ProTaper, with added refinements to improve performance. 



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