Retainer Box

Size: Small
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  •  SUPER EASY TO CLEAN: let's be real, who wants to hand wash anything these days? This retainer case can be thrown in the top rack of your dishwasher for easy cleaning. Or do it the old fashioned way and wash your retainer box with warm water and dish soap. That's cool too.
  • 😁 STINK PROOF: ever forgot about your lunch in Tupperware for a few days? Us too. We get how important it is to have proper ventilation for your mouthguard, night guard, retainer, or denture. That's why we include ventilation holes on the top of your cases so that everything air dries and is fresh the next time you use it Because a retainer case with vent holes is kinda a big deal.
  • 😁 DUR-A-BLE FOR HAULING AROUND WITH YOU: we think the quality is super important for your retainer case. While there are a lot of cheaply made retainer cases on the market that break just by looking at them, Fresh Knight uses plastic that is up to 50% thicker than the market standard. This means peace of mind that you can throw this thing around, from your backpack or purse to your gym bag and back home. Easy have better things to worry about.

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