Saliva Ejector

Type: Saliva Ejector Clear with Blue Tip
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Disposable Saliva Ejectors: 

Disposable saliva ejectors—they seem simple enough, especially in comparison to all of the other products in your operatory. But when it comes to infection control and prevention, it’s always the finer details that matter a great deal.

“Keeping patients out of harm’s way means that sometimes we need to change the simple things we ask patients to do, and the simple tasks we perform,” writes Noel Kelsch, RDHP, for RDH Magazine. “These changes can help eliminate the possible risk of cross-contamination.”

Features and advantages

Saliva ejectors is a narrow tubular device providing suction to draw saliva, blood, and debris from the mouth of a dental patient in order to maintain a clear operative field. This disposable device is connected to an active device, normally a pneumatic suction circuit.
The nozzle is fixed by a melting process which ensures safety and protection against detachment and also prevents the return flow
The metal wire of the saliva ejector fits solidly in the tube to guarantee that the desired shape is perfectly maintained
The great flexibility and the absence of folds ensure an excellent aspiration
The rounded nozzle respects the sensitive gums and avoids the aspiration of the flesh

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