Skin Stapler

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Skin Stapler Can be used for skin closure for surgical procedures Alternative to skin suturing Reduces hand fatigue and fits wide range of hands Easy to use, reduced learning curve Staple count indicator shows remaining staple 15/25/20/30/40/45/55 staple capacity

Disposable skin stapler Skin Stapler
including magazine with 35 stainless steel (nickel) brackets

Product advantages:

  • The Skin Stapler is a disposable skin stapler with which a faster and more secure wound closure may be performed during surgery or minor wounds.
  • Acute care without general anesthesia or local anesthesia possible.
  • When applying the Skin Stapler no anesthesia is necessary - especially bite wounds or injuries are sealed with the Skin Stapler.
  • Faster wound closure saves operating time.
  • The skin stapler is packed sterile and ready for use immediately.
  • No punctures in the wound gap, thus reduced risk of infection.
  • After using the skin stacker is disposed - for each patient, a new skin stapler. This represents a gain of hygiene because no germs are deported.
  • Special ergonomic shape for a good fit in the hand.

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