SPIRIAS - A type Silicone Impression Material


  • High hydrophilicity through new generation super wetting agents, Low contact angle
  • Excellent adaptability with hard or soft moist oral tissues
  • Low volumetric shrinkage after curing
  • Flexible working time and fast curing option suitable for two-stage and one-stage technique
  • Polyvinyl siloxane elastomeric impression material cured by addition curing.


  • Excellent details, Exceptional precision and Perfect dimensions
  • Long term dimensional stability
  • It has ideal shore hardness
  1. PUTTY FAST SET: 2x300ml
  2. LIGHT FAST SET: 2x50ml + 12 Tips
  3. LIGHT EXTRA FAST: 2x50ml +12 Tips
SKU: TP-1035

Type: Light body FAST extra soft- A silicon-2x50ml+12 mixing Tips
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