Tray Paper

Tray Paper is packed in 250 pieces per box. The dimension Tray Paper is 280 x 180 mm. Worry not because Tray Paper comes in few colors option such as pink, lilac, light blue, land lime, gives user wider selection. 

Feature :-

  • Tray Paper is chlorine, dioxin and ash free crinkled paper 
  • Advanced technical features Tray Paper makes it permeable to steam and gas
  • Tray Paper prevent paper residue from blocking the drains of sterilizers

Tray Paper is unlike normal towels it is not disintegrated or weakened by steam and gas, make it ideal for lining trays. This feature helps Tray Paper to prevent paper residue from blocking the drains of sterilizers. Tray Paper also a technical product that does not contain chlorine, dioxin or ash. 

SKU: EM-4572

Color: Blue
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