Polyglycolic Acid Sutures

Size: Polyglycolic Acid - 1 40mm 90cm 1/2 RB
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Technical Details:

'TRUGLYDE' Polyglycolic Acid sutures, Absorbable Surgical Suture, USP (Synthetic)
-Material:100% Polyglycolic Acid- Braided & Coated
-Color: Violet & undyed.
-Dye used: D&C Violet (US FDA approved color)
-Coating: Calcium Stearate & Polycaprolactone
-Sterilisation: Ethylene Oxide.


-USP Sizes are available: 5-0 to 2.
-Without needle - 150cms.
-With needle - Suture lengths from 45cms to 90 cms & Needle length from 12mm to 50mm*
*includes a variety of needles like Cutting, Reverse Cutting, Taper cutting, Taper point, etc.

-Grade of the needle -AISI 420
-Primary packaging - Aluminum foil
Secondary packaging - Medical grade paper & Polyester laminated poly film.
-Pack of 12s- 500gsm Super chromo board.
- MASTER SHIPPER 100 boxes of 12s (5 ply of 20 Kg/cm2 burst strength -54x33x33cms) weighing approximately 10Kgs.
* Master shipper is covered with stretch film to protect from moisture.


-Absorbed by Hydrolysis.
-Absorption within 60-90 days.
-Minimal tissue reaction.
-Coating ensures smooth tissue passage
-Least memory & outstanding pliability.

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