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acuum Blood Collection tube (Double wall Sodium Citrate Tube, sandwich tube)

Application: It consists of inner tube made of PP and outer tube made of PET. Inner tube made of PP can avoid the additive decrease, which maintains the concentration of sodium citrate stable. Outer tube made of PET can guarantee vacuum stable for long time. It is filled with buffered tri-sodium citrate solution and citrate concentrations of either 0.109mol/L (3.2%) or 0.129mol/L (3.8%). It is mainly used for the test or blood coagulation mechanism and it can provide an excellent condition for the test of PT, APTT values.

Category: Plasma blood collection tube
Additive: 3.2% Sodium Citrate
Materials: PET tube with a PP inner tube
Tube dimensions: 13*75mm sandwich tube, double wall
Volumes: 1.8ml, 2.7ml
Packing: 100 pieces/rack and 12 racks/carton
Cap stopper: Blue cap/plastic safety/rubber stopper

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