Vacutainer Grey Cap Glucose (Sodium Fluoride ) 3ml

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I  Scope of application:
This product is suitable for use in the laboratory of medical units for the collection and storage of blood.

II  Performance and composition:
The product consists of negative pressure vessel, rubber stopper, and plastic cap. The product is supplied sterile and used with disposable blood collection needles. (If you need blood collection needles, please click here for purchasing).

III Usage
  • This product is mainly used for blood glucose determination.
  • After the double needle is connected, until the blood collection is completed, Please gently inverted the storage tube for 3-5 times to make the anticoagulant fully mix with the blood to achieve complete anticoagulation and then send the test.
  • If pipe plug with misalignment, abnormal pipe additives, reserve pipes, damaged packaging or inside, please prohibit to use the tube.
  • Please store at room with relative humidity of no more than 80%, no corrosive gas, and well ventilated clean interior.
  • The suction volume of this product is only suitable for clinical use. If for the testing organization checking, please use with disposable blood collection needles, ( which model is CXZ-A, please click here for purchasing), and the capacity in the hose space should not be prefilled when testing. When taking samples to the position of the filling line marking the nominal liquid volume mark, remove the blood collection needle.
  • This product is suitable for 0-500 meters altitude, please use the "high altitude area special pipe" above this altitude.
IV  main parameters
Capacity: 5ml
Color scale: Grey
Size: 13*100mm
Material in the tube: Sodium fluoride / EDTA

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