Fast Acting Disinfectant Wipes - Alcohol Based

30 % Ethanol, %10 2-Propanol, %0,25 Didecylmethylpoly(oxethyl)
Ammonium Propionate, Auxiliary Substances, Essences, Deionized Water.

Ready to use product.
Aldehyde and phenol free.
Does not do color fading on the material used.
Wide spectrum of effects.

OneSpray Wipes is used in the disinfection of non-invasive, smooth,
non-porous surface medical devices (Ultrasound probes, etc.) pre-cleaned,
non-invasive disinfection by immersion method and non-invasive medical
devices, incubators, aerators used in dentistry and ENT examinations. It is
used for rapid disinfection of devices.

Compatible with Glass, Polystyrene, PVC, Acrylic, Polycarbon, Ceramic, Plastic,
Polymer, Plastic, ABS, Silicone, HDPE, Stainless steel and Porcelain materials.

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Size: 100 pc
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