Lead Apron

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🔱 Features:
X-Ray Protection Apron is applicated to doctors, patients, and the intervention of X-ray protection. It is made of high quality rubber, this it can have a good protection for X-ray worker to protect the body not to get hurt. It should be flat or use the hangers to hang up after use, can't fold, to avoid rupture.

Lead Equivalent: 0.35mmPb
Material: Lead Rubber
Weight: 3KG (6.6Ib)
Size: 90*60cm /35.4’’*23.6’’

🔱 Package Include:
1*Main body

🔱 Maintenance notes:
1. After use, it should be laid flat or hung with a hanger, and can not be folded, so as to avoid rupture caused by long-term folding and leakage.
2. Should be stored in a room with a relative humidity of no more than 80%, no direct sunlight, no heat source, no corrosive gas and good ventilation;
3. It is strictly forbidden to contact with other products that are detrimental to the product such as acid, alkali, etc., in order to extend its service life;
4. Can't be washed with a washing machine.

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