Medicine Trolley

Mainly composed of aluminum·steel·ABS engineering plastic structure; plastic steel four-pillar load-bearing;
Upper part: ABS injection mold forms one-time integrated tabletop with handrails on both sides, easy to implement; ABS guardrail has no gaps on three sides, small items will not fall off, guardrail height is 70mm, table the top is equipped with transparent soft glass;
Front: Equipped with six drawers, two, three, and four layers of small drawers 80mm* inner space:
Side Working Area: Left: Sundries box; Right side: an ABS dirt bucket; Bottom: Luxury universal plug-in silent wheels, two of which have brake function, casters are made of high-strength polyurethane. Anti-static, anti-hair entanglement, light and flexible movement;
SKU: EM-7246

Size: 630*475*930mm
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